School Faculty


Jordan Wirtz

Secondary Humanities and Electives​
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Alysia Carlson 

Elementary Vice-Principal
Grades 4-5
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Joel Gregg 

School Administrator


Daniel Eaton 

Finance & Facilities Manager

Julie Cooper 

Registrar & Records

Erika Colburn

Administrative Assistant





Wellen Souza

Early Childhood Education Assistant; Math 7-9
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Jelena Babic

​Elementary Education Assistant, Grow Zone After School Care

Chely Gonzalez

Elementary Education Assistant


Lynn Wirtz

Elementary Education Assistant

Yaneisha Griffiths-Atkinson

​Secondary Education Assistant

Pastor Arturo Gonzalez

School Chaplain
Associate Pastor of Rutland & Wildwood SDA Churches 





Beverly Hazzard
School Board Chair

Erinn Snyder

School Board Vice-Chair, Orchard City SDA Rep
Pastor of Rutland & Wildwood SDA Churches


Karen Jansen van Rensburg

Rutland SDA Church Representative
Keli Brodin
Rutland SDA Church Representative
Simon Ivascu
Rutland SDA Church Representative


Josue Molina

Pastor of Orchard City SDA Church​
Mike Kapiniak
School Board Member-at-Large

Slobodan Babic

Pastor of Kelowna & Westbank Churches


Brittany Kort
Son Valley Fellowship Representative
Marty Straub 
Westbank SDA Church Representative
Leziel Galvez
Kelowna SDA Church Representative


​Melanie Otto

School Board Member-at-Large

Mira Djakov

Wildwood SDA Church Representative
Gerry Nessman
Pastor of Son Valley Fellowship




​Danielle Fullerton

Home and School Representative